2002-2003 AWARDS

Best in Show/Apple Award, Sooner 2002
Associated Collegiate Press/College Media Advisers 

Pacemaker, Sooner 2002
Associated Collegiate Press 

Gold Crown, Sooner 2002
This award, given by the Columbia Scholastic Press Association, ranked the yearbook as one of the top three collegiate yearbooks in the country. 

National Association of Black Journalists (Ma’at Awards, Region 7)
     Feature writing, third place
     Ashley Gibson

Southwestern Journalism Congress
     Sports Headline,
first place
Feature Page Design, second place
     Jennifer Johnson

College Newspaper Business and Advertising Managers
     Sales Promotion Materials
, best in category
Display Ad/Spot Color, best in category
     Vaughn Baker
Newspaper Promotion Ad, first place
     Jacob Basden

Associated Collegiate Press
ACP’s directory, “Leaders of the Student Press in North America,” honors those who have received national awards in journalism competitions or have demonstrated leadership and scholarship at their respective college or university.
     Student Press Leader of North America
Kayte Owen

Freedom Forum
Chips Quinn Minority Scholarship, Muskogee Daily Phoenix
     Stephanie Conduff

Associated Press
Diverse Voices is an annual five-day multicultural journalism workshop pairing selected aspiring student journalists with mentors who are AP writers and editors.
     Diverse Voices Program
Ashley Gibson 

Society of Professional Journalists, Oklahoma Pro Chapter
The Oklahoma SPJ awards pit the students of The Oklahoma Daily against the state’s professional journalists. The Daily won 25 this year.
Enterprise/Individual, first place
     George Zabolski
Spot News, first place
     Jenny Burns
General Team Reporting, first place
     George Zabolski, Justin Shimko, Melissa Merideth
News Page Layout, first place
     George Zabolski
General Reporting, first place
     Jenny Burns
Enterprise/Team, second place
     Mary Ann Johnson, Ja’Rena Smith
Political/Governmental, second place
     Justin Shimko
Education, second place
     George Zabolski
Business/General Reporting, second place
     Amy Lacy Wilber
Spot News, third place
     Amy Lacy Wilber
Feature Writing, third place
     Mary Ann Johnson
News Page Layout, third place
     Felicia Murray

Gold Circles
The Gold Circle, given by the Columbia Scholastic Press Association, is the largest national competition for individual achievement in college, university and senior high school publications throughout the United States. The awards recognize the nation’s best student journalists. In 2002-03, and the Sooner won 18 Gold Circles and The Oklahoma Daily took home three.

Sooner 2002
Feature Writing
Lauren Anderson
Sports Reporting
Matt Franklin
Sports Feature Writing
Tiffany Franklin and Matt Franklin
Academic Writing
Ja’Rena Smith and Joy Morris
Academic Writing
Lauren Anderson
Personality Profile
Joy Morris
Sidebar/Mini-Magazine Writing
Evelyn Klopp, Ja’Rena Smith and Joy Morris
Headline Writing
Ja’Rena Smith, Joy Morris and Evelyn Klopp
Theme selection and development
Jessica Bradley and Deaven Coggins
Opening and Closing Spread Design
Jessica Bradley and Deaven Coggins
Division Page Design
Evelyn Klopp, Jessica Bradley and Deaven Coggins
Student Life Spread
Jessica Bradley and Deaven Coggins
Sports Spread
Jessica Bradley and Deaven Coggins
Academic Spread
Jessica Bradley and Deaven Coggins
Sports Action Photography
Jessica Bradley and Deaven Coggins, Christy L. Martin
Academic Photos
Michael Downes and Christy L. Martin
Feature Presentation
Color Spread
Deaven Coggins and Jessica Bradley
Jessica Bradley, Deaven Coggins and Evelyn Klopp The Oklahoma Daily
Editorial Writing
Nathan Anderson, Amy Wilber and George Zabolski
In-Depth News Feature
George Zabolski
Feature Series
Melissa Merideth, Justin Noel Shimko and George Zabolski

Prior Year Awards
House Awards
Internship Awards
Scholarship Awards